Why Did We Start  Paushtikk Switch

we started Paushtikk Switch with just one mission:

  • To Make Healthy Food Taste Better!

We all know how boring healthy food can be & how amazing junk food tastes. So, we decided to combine the two, by expertly crafting dishes to satisfy the foodie as well as the fitness freak in you.


 Paushtikk Switch


Taste Some of your favourite dishes, crafted to tickle your taste buds


Every item on our menu is nutritious and healthy.


Customizable meal plans to help you achieve your fitness goals.

 Subscription Meal Plans

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Muscle Gain Meal

A meal dedicated to helping you gain muscle. Packed with loads of protein.

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Weight Loss Meal

A low carb meal, with a balance of taste and nutrients, to help you lose weight faster and in a healthy way.

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Paushtikk Meal

Our signature meal, for a healthier you.

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Premium Customised Meal

We quantify the meal according to your macro requirements.So, calorie counting is our head ache not yours anymore!

Healthy Mornings

Get yourself ready & pumped up for the day.

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Power Protein

Power up your protein intake with grilleg/gravy chicken/paneer.


Salad Subscription

Asortment of salads to fulfill your energy requirements & tasteful healthy cravings.

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 Our Core Team

Peter Sabu

Co-Founder, VP Sales & Marketing

Suvidha Naik

Co-Founder, VP Operations

Anandu Kumar

Co-Founder, CEO


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